Quad culture

Lindsay Pytel

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All year round the Quad is the home to many events, but in the springtime it’s the home to many students sitting with friends, enjoying the warm weather.

Whether it’s in between classes for five minutes, skipping classes or spending hours of one’s spare time, students will do anything to soak in the sun on Quinnipiac’s famous lawn.

Freshman Hayley Newgarten sat on the Quad for about 30 minutes this Monday, trying to soak up as much sun as possible.

“It’s so nice out, I just want some fresh air,” Newgarten said.

Newgarten mentioned how her favorite aspect of the Quad is the fact that there are endless activities you can do.

“[You’re] able to sit, do whatever you want like play sports, do homework, or be on your phone or just hang with your friends,” Newgarten said.

Most students enjoy the social atmosphere the Quad presents. A hot topic amongst students is how they really enjoy when the food trucks park on the Quad as a special alternative to the dining hall.

In addition to food trucks, students mentioned how they also especially enjoy the various philanthropy events that take place on the Quad.

Sophomore Leah Mueller said these events are her favorite things that happen on the Quad.

“I think they’re a good way to get everyone together,” Mueller said. “You just see a lot of people from different organizations coming out and doing one activity, and I think that’s cool.”

Junior Shannen McCaffery also particularly enjoys the philanthropy events. She said her favorite is ‘Katie’s Game,’ a wiffle ball tournament put on by Phi Sigma Sigma.

“I think it’s a really fun event,” McCaffery said. “There are a lot of people who come out for it.”

While some students will skip class to enjoy the Quad, McCaffery said she would never do that.

“My parents would kill me,” she joked.

Freshman Nadia Filipic, however, admitted she has skipped class before because of the weather.

“Only in the warm weather,” Filipic said. “I skipped one class [when it was] warm but I never really skipped a class when it was cold. There’s no point.”

Filipic sat with Mueller on Monday on a yellow quilt with their backpacks nearby. The temperature was in the low 70s with some clouds scattered.

“It’s pretty nice out, not super sunny, but I like to be out here,” Filipic said.

Juliette Dent, a freshman at Quinnipiac, sat on the Quad for lunch waiting to go to her next class.

“I’m on the Quad because it’s nice out and I just had a salad so I thought, ‘Might as well enjoy it outside and look at the mountain,’” Dent said. “I just like how there’s always people here and it’s really energetic and like the view is obviously really nice…it’s calming to just sit and relax before class.”

Quinnipiac students are really taking advantage of the nice weather Mother Nature has been giving Hamden recently in their last few weeks before summer break. One could argue that it makes studying for finals a little more bearable, as it is an incentive for studying. Others could find it more unbearable because they just wants to be on the Quad, doing other activities. Regardless, it seems safe to say that spring is here…finally.