Editor Speaks Out: Enough is enough: Time to suck it up

Paul Krsiak

I have decided that if I hear one more thing about parking, I might just go berserk. Alright, so I understand that this article is a continuation of my first piece; which if you did not read, essentially stated we should quit whining and shut up about it.

Yes, Quinnipiac has an uncanny ability to construct buildings yet forget that a parking lot should accompany the facility-case in point the new TD Banknorth Sports Center. But being the devil’s advocate, I thought to myself “spiffy, new, arena or a parking lot.” I’ll take the arena, thanks. All in all, it’s entirely not that bad, and the arena on the hill sure beats Northford.

Again, are our lives so boring that all we can do is complain about parking? This brings me up to another thing, President Lahey. He just gets blamed for everything; “If President Lahey wasn’t such a (insert your favorite word here), we would have better food in the caf