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    Hoping for snow? Fun activities to do when it comes

    This winter season has been unlike most in New England: we don’t have snow. A usual scene in February for Connecticut includes snow- laden trees, ice-covered sidewalks and snowmen in front yards. Will this scene be familiar again this winter?

    When the snow finally decides to fall and stick to the ground, the fun can begin. And when it does, there are a variety of activities that involve being outside in the snow.

    Go sledding or tubing. Be creative about it. Try using garbage pan lids, a plastic tub or even pool floats to slide down the hills.

    Build snowmen. This can be fun when a group of people help out. Make different characters out of the snowmen or have competitions for the largest one.

    Make snow angels. Lay down in the snow with some friends and flap your arms and legs in and out. See who can stand up without ruining their work.

    Start a snowball fight or war.

    Go ice skating. Inspired by the new arena? Grab some friends and hit the pond or rink.

    Go snowmobiling. Racing around on these machines is exciting and fun.

    Try balancing icicles on your nose. This is something different and fun to do with friends. And yes, it is possible.

    Go skiing or snowboarding. Being on the slopes is an amazing rush. This is a fun-filled activity that is also a great form of exercise.

    Make snow art. To get creative in the snow, fill a spray bottle with water and food coloring of choice. Get outside and start spraying a masterpiece. Remember to switch up the colors.

    Recipes with snow. Ever tried snow cream? How about maple taffy on snow? Eating snow can be a tasty treat, just avoid the yellow!

    To make maple taffy on snow, boil pure maple syrup to 252 degrees and drizzle on well-packed snow (try forming it into a snowball). Let it cool, and begin to indulge. To make snowcream: Beat 1 egg, add 1 cup milk, _ cup sugar and

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