Album Review: Fixer | “Before the Sun”

Michelle Collins

The band: Fixer is a rock quartet out of New York City. The band is made up of Evan R. Saffer, vocals; Rev Newton, drums; Wilson, guitar; and J Brown, bass.

Why it rocks: The band’s picture in the album sleeve may make them look like they’re punk rock, but these guys are nothing but straight up rock and roll. No songs on their 10-track debut album sound alike, making this disc a great choice for any mood you may be in at the end of the day. Some tracks are more hardcore rock, sounding like Buckcherry or Jane’s Addiction-type music, while others are a little more Guns N’ Roses (especially the slower tracks). For example, “Tell No One” starts the album off portraying Fixer as more of a heavy rock band, while tracks like “When it Comes to You” shows the band has a softer side.

Upcoming shows:
2/23, The Space, Hamden
3/3, Cousin Larry’s, Danbury

Song worth downloading: “Down Without It”

Our rating (out of five): * * * *

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