What’s on your iPod?

Kaitlin Greene

Martin Sexton
“Love Will Keep Us Together”

Off of his “Black Sheep” recording, this singer/songwriter provides generous guitar chords along with amazing vocals that keep the music singing in your ears long after the song ends.

Talking Heads
“Girlfriend is Better”

As a band that is a punk rock staple, this song comes off of their “Stop Making Sense” album, which finds them performing live on their last major tour in 1984.

Kings of Leon
“Taper Jean Girl”

Coming off their “Aha Shake Heartbreak” album, the Kings of Leon are a truly unique band in today’s pop-flooded music scene. The classic guitar riffs and punk feel illicit memories of the Stones and the Clash, all while driving their own sound.

Bob Marley
“Punky Reggae Party”

This live version off his “Babylon by the Bus” album is truly Marley. With his cool Rasta jams and moving lyrics, you can’t deny this Marley classic as a must play in any season of the year.

John Mayer
“The Heart of Life”

Off his junior album “Continuum,” is the signature tune for getting over a bad day. It’s a feel good song for anyone and this album just may be his best yet.

Jay-Z ft. Beyonce

The ninth track on his comeback album “Kingdom Come” is a dark take on celebrity culture and a fabulous duet with his long-time girlfriend. The song talks of the seemingly sexy and severely addictive lifestyle of the rich and famous. He drops names like Janis Joplin, James Dean and Jimi Hendrix, all with references of their untimely deaths by via rigors of the “Hollywood” lifestyle.

Nelly Furtado
“Say It Right”

Returning from a three- year hiatus, the eighth track on Furtado’s third album, “Loose,” delivers a mix of R&B, Reggaeton and Latino infused pop. “Say It Right” showcases Furtado’s vocal ability at its absolute best. Sure to follow the mega-hit “Promiscuous,” this song will most definitely be blasting in clubs from Miami to New York City in no time.