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    QU Quiz: Do you have holiday spirit?

    1. It’s a few weeks before Christmas and all you can think about is:

    a. Which five things on your list that you just need to have.
    b. Seeing your parents’ happy faces when they open their gift that cost you a lot.
    c. That you hope to get a few things but want to just have a good day with everyone.

    2. Your mom asks you to come to the mall to help pick out a present for your brother. At the end of the day you:

    a. Leave the mall with an expensive new gift that you whined about until she caved in
    b. Are excited because your brother is getting the best gift ever from you.
    c. Saw a few things that you may have to get later with a few gift cards you are bound to receive.

    3. You love decorating the tree. It’s been a tradition since you were born. You always put on the star, but this year your little sister won’t shut up about doing it. You:

    a. Ignore her and put the star up happily as she sulks in the corner.
    b. Give her the star and a boost to get to the top.
    c. Are fine. She can do the star and you’ll do the lights. Fair trade.

    4. It’s Christmas day and dinner just ended. Grams wants to chat and say why she’s thankful, which you know will take at least a half hour. You just got a brand new video game that you are dying to try. You:

    a. Make the excuse to use the bathroom and head to your room and sit down with the controller.
    b. Listen intently. You love her stories, especially around Christmas time.
    c. Get a little annoyed but help yourself to another beverage and listen. When you are old, you are going to want people to listen to you.

    Mostly A’s
    No spirit except for yourself.
    You are a greedy little kid when it comes to the holidays. You need to keep in mind what the holidays are about! Calm down and spend time being nice.

    Mostly B’s
    Holiday spirit everywhere!
    You are a great person to be around during the holidays. Always smiling and trying to make it the best for everyone. Spread the cheer!

    Mostly C’s
    Levelheaded spirit.
    You like the holidays and try to remain patient and negotiate so that everyone is happy for the holidays!

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