First student response to Greenstein’s e-mail


Editor’s Note: This is the first student response, written by Resident Assistant Maura Greehan, to Ross Greenstein’s e-mail to the Quinnipiac community following his resignation as SGA president.

The Chronicle’s article on Greenstein’s resignation can be viewed here.

Hey Guys,

This e-mail plan sounds like one big venting session. Bad Idea. Would you ever respond to massive amounts of emails that serve no purpose other than to complain? No, you wouldn’t. We all have complaints (just like every other college student at every other college), and the people who work in Student Affairs and Res life have heard these complaints 1000 times. What they rarely see are students coming together, learning about policies and procedures, and creating realistic ideas for change. If some one came up to you with a well thought out and realistic plan…you would be much more willing to listen to them and work with them rather than a student who comes up to you complaining about this and that and just expecting you to drop everything and make their life better.

Please reconsider sending emails to Lynn Bushnell, Manny Carreiro, Kathleen McCourt, Monique Drucker, Jolynn Hamilton, Melissa Murtagh, and Cindy Porter. They will not listen to complaints. We should be mature enough and smart enough to figure out another way to change things.

take care,