Greenstein’s second e-mail to Quinnipiac community


Editor’s Note: This is the second e-mail sent to the Quinnipiac community by former SGA President Ross Greenstein, who was forced to resign in late November.

The Chronicle’s article on Greenstein’s resignation can be viewed here.

Hey everyone,

Sorry for another email but I have gotten a lot of responses back asking what to write to the listed people. The first thing I would say is to keep these respectful and professional but don’t be afraid to push buttons and let them know how you feel.

Let them know what, if anything, makes you unhappy at Quinnipiac. I listed some of the larger things but I am sure there are others.

Let them know if you feel unfairly treated by the actions of the administrators and people running this school.

Let them know your feelings about the Res Life and the judicial system. Use my example if you would like but go bigger than that.

Let them know how they have strayed from the values listed in Quinnipiac’s mission statement and have lost sight of why they went into education in the first place.

I hope those help you in writing something and again, I thank you for any support you can offer. Please write these emails/letters when you get a second this week or when you are done with finals. Look out for an email from me after break with more information and let me know if you have any ideas to get student voices heard.

Happy Holidays,