What’s on your iPod?

Brianna Armstrong

Regina Spektor
“On The Radio”

The New York singer and pianist is unforgettable in this eclectic but beautifully produced song. Spektor’s voice along with the accompaniment of the piano is a rare find for a young female artist, and the album “Begin to Hope” is being recognized nationally.

Plain White T’s
“Hey There Delilah”

Lead singer Tom Higgenson is perfection on this soft and simple ballad off the band’s album “Hey There Delilah.” The song tells a charming story that will leave you with a taste of New York City and the feeling of an unforgettable love.

Jurassic Five and Dave Matthews
“Work It Out”

A combination of musical genius that will blow you away with a mixture of smooth rap by J5 and the amazing vocals of Dave Matthews.

Danity Kane
“Sleep on It”

The first self-titled album from P. Diddy’s “Making the Band 3” group is a record that will have everyone wanting more. The girls of Danity Kane have recorded an amazing album, and “Sleep on It” is one of the most memorable tracks as it is wonderfully executed and extremely clever.

State Radio
“Mr. Larkin”

Former front man of Dispatch, Chad Urmston, heads State Radio in a mixture of roots reggae and rock. “Mr. Larkin” is a promising single that blends the old school dispatch feel with a more experienced understanding of lyrical storytelling.

Matt Costa
“Cold December”

This former Californian has a magical voice and this song is a must considering the cold winter months are upon us. “Cold December” is an engaging piece of work that will leave its listeners wondering why they haven’t heard more of Costa’s warm vibe that is packed full of guitar and sing-along style choruses.