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Pining for the Past: The ‘90s Never Left


Remember the days when overalls and hair scrunchies were all the rage? Or when jean jackets and leather pants were stocked in your parents’ closets from another lifetime? Well, what goes around comes around, and there is good news for those who are nostalgic for those times: the ‘90s are back and grunge style has been resurrected.

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The ‘90s gave off a dreamy aura that brings back days of roll-on glitter and Kate Moss, and although many current students at Quinnipiac spent the ‘90s rocking diapers, the nostalgia for simpler days is evident through the new fashion trends.

Overalls, chokers, corduroy and velvet are a few of the most popular revived trends this fall. Think Rachel from “Friends” or Cher from “Clueless,” with button-up skirts, double denim, chunky heels, satin and velvet slip dresses and edgy choker necklaces. Stores like American Apparel, Forever 21 and Brandy Melville are filled with graphic band T-shirts, boyfriend jeans and overalls in dozens of different styles and colors. The stores’ new style simultaneously feels like a walk down memory lane and a walk down an aisle in a local thrift store.

Choker necklaces have become a staple in many girls’ wardrobes lately. It is a versatile accessory that pairs well with a dress to go out in or a T-shirt to wear to class.

“I think the clothes were really cool, and sometimes I wear pieces that were popular like the denim skirt and chokers,” freshman Sabrina Colonese-Dibello said.

Big-lens sunglasses, which were popular in the ‘90s, are also making a comeback. Funky shades are all the rage and the bigger and brighter the better. Whether the lenses are round, square, pointy or bright green, the glasses are sure to add the perfect touch to any outfit.

Pins on JanSport backpacks, knee high socks, lipstick and hair scrunchies are just a few of the most popular ‘90s accessories that are still going strong today.

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Converse, Dr. Martens boots, New Balance sneakers and platform shoes have also made a comeback. Stores like J. Crew helped bring New Balance back into the spotlight, pairing the shoes with dresses or more formal attire to give the look a new meaning.

“I like how the trends from the ‘90s have come back but I like how they have been updated. They are incorporating the trends into new fashion pieces, and people are wearing ‘90s clothes differently now,” freshman Brandon Massey said.

Denim is another ‘90s fad that is back on the fashion scene. Denim on denim, jean jackets, baggy jeans or “mom jeans,” ripped jeans, high-waisted jeans, denim shirts and basically any other clothing item made out of denim is back in – especially overalls. One of the most classic ‘90s duos (besides Rachel and Monica from “Friends”) is denim with flannel, which has also made a comeback in 2016.

Perhaps it is the reruns of popular ‘90s television shows that sparked the born-again fashion trends, or the ethereal nostalgic factor that the world was much simpler 20 years ago or just the sheer love of a grunge outfit that brought the ‘90s back.

Although this year has not been a stellar one for America, it is safe to say that one of the highlights of this year has been the overwhelming popularity of ‘90s trends. The fashion world is pining for the authenticity of ‘90s style that is seemingly all around – in television shows, in music and in a dusty box in the attic that never made it to Goodwill.


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