The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Mediate your media

Peter O'Neill

April 12, 2017

Social media isn’t just a trend or some phase that will eventually dissolve. It’s become a societal norm and has infused itself with our personal lives, obviously, but also our professional lives. At some point, you have to...

Beauty Betrayals

Lindsay Pytel

April 5, 2017

Which came first: the egg or the… tampon? Beauty trends are all always up and coming, but have we taken it a little too far? 2017 hasn’t been around that long yet, but some of the weirdest beauty trends have been emerging...

Stitch it forward

Adrianna Lovegrove

April 5, 2017

Quinnipiac will welcome “Stitch It Forward,” a new knitting and crocheting club founded by Jaclyn Munsinger and Devin Shields-Auble. Munsinger, a freshman occupational therapy major from Long Island, New York, along with her vice pres...

‘It’ is not clowning around

Charlotte Gardner

April 5, 2017

After launching a new Instagram account (@itmovieofficial) the day before its official trailer release on March 28, the remake of Stephen King’s “It” is already scaring its way across the web. The trailer begins with shots o...

Wild for Woads

Jeanette Cibelli

March 1, 2017

On the evening of Feb. 22, 2017, this Bobcat infiltrated an elusive experience previously reserved only for Bulldogs: Wednesday night at Toad’s Place, or more simply, “Woad’s.” As we all know, there is always a solid showing of Quinnipiac...

The Real Rabbi

The Real Rabbi

December 7, 2016

Let the sales begin

Let the sales begin

November 16, 2016