RAVE: The Barnacle bring the laughs

Kristen Riello

This week, The Barnacle, Quinnipiac’s satirical newspaper, released its latest issue and as usual, it did not disappoint. 

[media-credit name=”Erin Kane / Chronicle ” align=”alignright” width=”300″]img_3033-copy[/media-credit]

Just a few of this issue’s headlines include “Student looking for parking finds himself,” “Clown clan makes murder fun again,” “Obituary for the guy from that lemonade iced tea brand” and “Ryan Lochte reports own murder to Brazilian authorities.”

The Barnacle is more than just a funny headline and a goofy picture. Their articles are always well written and can be considered pieces of creative art.

My personal favorite article, written back in February, is a lovely piece called, “Opinion: North Haven’s a slut,” written by ‘City of Hamden.’ This was around the time when Quinnipiac ditched the shuttle to the Hamden plaza and replaced it with the shuttle to the North Haven plaza, presumably due to endless town-gown drama. The piece is so perfectly on point, making a frustrating shuttle change into a comedic gold mine.

Over the years, I’ve heard a few of the paper’s writers perform at various open mics around campus and they’ve always been the highlight of the show. Being funny is a true talent. Legitimate comedy, not just casual humor, is a true art that I have the utmost respect for.

The absolute best part of The Barnacle’s publication is their masthead, where you’ll find some legal jargon. The Chronicle’s reads, “Newspaper theft is a crime. Those who violate the single copy rule will be subject to civil and criminal prosecution and/or subject to university discipline.” The Barnacle’s reads, “Newspaper theft is a crime, and unlike those bitches at The Chronicle we’re not afraid to get some REAL police up in yo’ business if you steal some papers.” We noticed this line a few weeks ago, and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Keep on keepin’ on Barnacle. You’re a comedic blessing to the campus. -K. Riello