QU Quiz: Can you control your anger?


1. Your roommate promised to clean up her messy area that has been piling up for weeks and is beginning to have a funky smell. Your friend from home is coming tomorrow and they promised it would be clean by then- but nothing has moved. You:

a. Don’t say anything. You hate confrontation.
b. Nicely remind them again.
c. Scream and yell at them and then throw their stuff out of the window. If they won’t move it, then you will.

2. You learn that your classmate got a better grade than you when you wrote about the same exact topic and used the same quotes from a speaker. You:

a. Shrug and don’t let it bother you.
b. Try to be rational and think they must have just done a better job.
c. Demand to meet with your professor to get specific reasons why the grades differ.

3. You are starving and waiting by the mailboxes for your friend. They stroll in 25 minutes late and don’t say anything about it. You:

a. Figure you should be used to their tardiness.
b. Give them a short and chilly “hello” and walk into the caf