SGA fall election results posted for 2016-2017

Sarah Doiron

The Student Government Association (SGA) announced the results of the fall elections on Sept. 21 at 8:50 p.m.

“With nearly one half of the undergraduate students casting their ballots, the students chose who will be representing them for the 2016-2017 academic year,” SGA’s Vice President for Public Relations Ryan Lynch said in a news release.

The new Class of 2017 representatives are Jessica Hernandez with 92 votes, Sarah Schreiner with 81 votes and Dylan O’Connell with 80 votes. There were 10 people who abstained from voting.

The new Class of 2019 representative is Matt Corso with 201 votes. Antoine Campbell trailed behind with 93 votes and 11 people abstained.

Here are the results for the Class of 2020 election:

President: Chris Montalvo: 327 votes

Marisa McDowell: 181 votes

Morgan Staples: 94 votes

Zhuoqi (Helen) Dong: 80 votes

Luke Ahearn: 65 votes

Hope Estrella: 50 votes

Austin Calvo: 42 votes

Abstain: 11 votes

Vice President: Anthony Martino: 487 votes

Megan Donnelly: 145 votes

Morgan Delvin: 94 votes

Holly Ferrara: 81 votes

Abstain: 13 votes

Class Representatives: 

Marissa McDowell: 403 votes

Morgan Staples: 372 votes

Cameron Doyle: 329 votes

Luke Ahearn: 312 votes

Zhuoqu (Helen) Dong: 300 votes

Megan Donnelly: 272 votes

Austin Calvo: 257 votes

Hope Estrella: 234 votes