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University reminds students of shuttle protocol

Students wait to board New Haven shuttle on the York Hill campus.

In the third week of school, Quinnipiac students are already being reminded of shuttle service protocol. To bring their QCards on the shuttle.

Shannon Grasso, parking and transportation coordinator, sent out an email Wednesday, Sept. 14 reminding all students that they would not be able to use the shuttle services if they do not present their QCard when boarding. The email placed special attention on the Entertainment Express shuttle service.

“This is especially important when using the Entertainment Express shuttle service into New Haven on Thursdays and Saturday nights,” Grasso said. “You will be required to show your QCard to the Public Safety officers or the Dattco driver upon boarding the shuttle.”

The distinction was made because of Saturday night, Sept. 10, when non Quinnipiac students attempted to board the Quinnipiac shuttles, according to Grasso.

“[The non quinnipiac students] were intoxicated, they got very belligerent with our officers and ultimately let out the truth that they did not belong to Quinnipiac and walked away,” Grasso said.

Junior health science major Corinne Coscia said she believes in the QCard policy because it helps students stay safe.

“I feel like [the Q Card policy] is justified,” Coscia said. “I think it’s dangerous if other people that don’t go to Quinnipiac could get on the shuttle and get into our dorms or something. But I do understand that students lose their QCards in New Haven a lot and that could be an issue.”

Lost QCards in New Haven present an issue when boarding the Entertainment Express shuttle because there is no other option for boarding. A student’s QCard is the only method to secure his or her ride on the shuttle, according to Grasso.

“This is nothing new,” Grasso said. “This is the school policy during the day, if you’re asked you know to show your QCard, you should show it.”

Sophomore biomedical science major Taqua Naeem understands and agrees with the policy, but recognizes it could be dangerous.

“I can see why people wouldn’t want it to be required to show your QCard because maybe someone’s drunk, or someone’s having issues and they need to get on the bus. If they don’t have their card, they have no way to get back home and that can be dangerous,” Naeem said.

Under excruciating circumstances, students would be allowed to board the shuttles, according to Grasso. Though if you find yourself without your card, Grasso recommends calling Public Safety.

“I would say try calling Public Safety,” she said. “I think it’s just going to be a habitual thing the expectation is if you want that ride, you have to have your QCard.There are other ways to get back on campus, you can get a taxi. Just don’t lose your QCard.”

Sophomore business management major Makala Holman disagrees and said she believes she should be allowed to board regardless of whether she has her QCard or not.

“Say I lost my QCard, I should still be able to get on the shuttle,” Holman said. “ I pay tuition to go here. I’m not about to come out of my pocket to pay for an Uber, when an Uber isn’t even safe. So no, I don’t like this idea of always having to present our QCard.”

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