What’s on your iPod?

Jay Driscoll

He is Legend
“Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of.)”

Everyone is cashing in on the Southern hardcore/metal thing these days, but these North Carolina boys do it the best with amazing vocals/screams by Schuylar Croom, and breakdowns heavier than Martin Lawrence in “Big Momma’s House 2.”

Therefore I Am
“I Get Nervous In Cars”

Aggressive alternative rock metal with atmospheric samples and effects, as well as heartfelt lyrics from one of the best bands that you don’t know about yet.

Fear Before the March of Flames
“Taking Cassandra To The End of The World Party”

These art/metal rockers take their trademark chaos and noise, and add cleaner vocals as well as keys and samples to give a more atmospheric sound to their new album.

Killswitch Engage
“As Daylight Dies”

This song from their new album finds KSE making their best music yet and doing so in an oh-so-epic and heavy way.

“The Search Party Never Came”

On their debut E.P. for Epitaph, this Boston metalcore band shows their equal blend between brutal and beautiful with gut wrenching screams from Chris Preece and soaring vocals from Evan Pharmakis.

Big L

50 Cent raps about how gangster he is and how he’ll take you to the candy shop. Big L got shot up in the hood and died. Now that’s gangster.

“The Wolf Is Loose”

Their last album was written entirely around Moby Dick. This one talks about a cyclops, tree people, and crystal skulls.

City and Colour
“Comin Home”

Dallas Green, guitarist/vocalist for post-hardcore band Alexisonfire trades in the high energy for an acoustic album that’s incredibly personal and deep with hauntingly beautiful vocals.