Polling Institute to add more locations

Jeremy Troetti

Forty-seven additional interviewing stations will be added to the QU Polling Institute.
[/media-credit] Forty-seven additional interviewing stations will be added to the QU Polling Institute.

The Quinnipiac Polling Institute is planning to open 47 additional interviewing stations in the www.chattime.me near future, according to executive director of the Polling Institute, Doug Schwartz. These locations, which will be located in a facility on Whitney Avenue, will expand upon the work already done by the well-renowned institute.

The Quinnipiac Polling Institute made the decision to add more stations in order to poll multiple presidential swing states, which will be a key factor in the gathering of results in the upcoming presidential election, Schwartz explained.

“More stations will allow us to poll four presidential swing states at once,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz was not the only person to stress the importance of having the ability to collect data in a more efficient manner.

“I think that the institute is adding more polling stations to increase the amount of completed surveys we get in a night, consequently increasing the amount of data they then have to work with when interpreting the public’s answers,” Shelby Petrie, a sophomore who works for the Polling Institute said.

Schwartz also believes the opening of additional stations will have a positive impact on the university’s reputation nationwide.

“By polling four presidential swing states simultaneously, we will continue to lead the way in presidential election polling,” Schwartz stated.

Students asked about the potential impact additional polling stations would have on the university’s reputation thought that it can only be a positive for the university.

“I think that opening additional polling stations will have a positive impact on the university’s reputation,” Petrie said. “The more stations, the more calls made, the more people reached, the more data collected, thus making our Polling Institute that much stronger.”

Sophomore Sarah Lazaro also felt that the addition of polling stations will be helpful to the school’s reputation.

“I think it’ll positively influence our reputation because it’ll bring more awareness to our KnockOff Watchesschool and the polls that we have and the information we collect,” she stated.

Sophomore Alexandra Sauro echoed previous sentiments, by saying the additional polling stations could help the standing of the university, as well as create a sense of pride for students.

“When I get asked where I go, I say ‘Quinnipiac University,’ and the first thing they say is, ‘The Polling Institute?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah!’ she said. “That’s what we’re really known for, so I think any publicity like that is a good thing.”