Wreck: Not napping

Madison Fraitag

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My least favorite pastime is not napping. I feel personally offended by the responsibilities standing between me and my sleep and will not stand for being awake for long periods of time.

Not unlike a child between the ages of 1 and 5, I need a nap nearly every day to keep me going. Things like school, jobs, homework, a social life, family obligations, eating, sitting upright, walking and holding conversations can stand in the way of me and naps and for that reason I resent each one of those tasks.

Let me just acknowledge that I am a fully functioning human who does not nap every day, but my word, I would love to. Not being able to nap is so excruciatingly painful but can also be almost rewarding, because that next nap back after a long hiatus is always the sweetest. Regardless of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, this is one bumpy, painful rainbow to cross.

The absolute worst thing that can happen to someone on his or her way to take a nap is remembering time-sensitive responsibilities that will keep you awake. Having the comfort of knowing you can finally rest torn away from you is cruel and unusual and should probably be illegal.

College is stressful enough as is, but without an adequate amount of sleep, it is nearly impossible. No one should ever be forced to not nap. Ever. –M. Fraitag