Transfer students feel left out, isolated at Whitney Village

Erin Bohmer

The newly purchased Whitney Village is an apartment complex located on Whitney Avenue next to Whitney parking lot. Whitney Village, which only houses transfer students, has security and resident’s assistants just like the dorms on campus. Freshman students are usually excited about living in their dorms; transfer students, however, are feeling the opposite

“The overall idea of putting us all together was good. It’s just a different life here compared to campus. Students feel as though they are in a different world away from all the action on campus,” said April King, 20, journalism major.

Juliet Barber, 19, a liberal arts major, said: “I don’t feel a part of the Quinnipiac community. I can’t go onto campus because the shuttles are ridiculous and no one wants to come here because of the shuttles also.”

Quinnipiac tried to integrate transfer students with the rest of campus by hosting “Whitney Fest.”

“No one came to Whitney Fest because no one really wanted to go off-campus,” King said.

“It’s so quiet outside and there is nothing outside for us to do so no one leaves their apartment. It’s boring,” said Kathleen Pressoir, 18, biomedical major.

The shuttles also seem to be a problem for transfer students, who must use the shuttles because they are not allowed to drive cars onto campus before 3 p.m.

“The shuttles are either too full or they take too long to bring us back and forth to campus. So it can take an hour to get to campus,” King said.

Most transfer students are happy that they are with other transfer students, but they would have liked to be integrated with other students.

“It would have been a much more stressful transition if we weren’t together but it just would have been nicer to have other students in the dorms, too,” said Megan Czyzewski, 19, a marketing major.

Many transfer students agree that the idea of Whitney Village was good, but it could be better.

“The apartments are nice, but it’s just not the same as on campus,” King said. “They feel as if they are not part of the community and just thrown into Whitney Village.

“It’s awful that they just put us here. I just joined a Facebook group called ‘Transfer’s are People Too,'” Barber said.