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    Quiz: Are you too picky?

    1. Your roommate tells you he/she met the perfect person for you and wants to hook you two up. Your first thoughts are:
    a. Sure – why not?
    b. What do they look like? What’s their major and where are they from?
    c. Ehh.can I see a picture?

    2. Your type is:
    a. I have no “type.”
    b. Set in stone. They must fit every quality.
    c. Flexible with a few staple good qualities.

    3. On your first date, he/she shows up in a mismatched and oddly fitting outfit.
    a. You shrug, look down at yourself and wonder who is dressed better.
    b. Close the door.
    c. Hesitate but realize if things go well, you can “change” their style immediately.

    4. When someone asks you for a date, you base your decision on:
    a. his/her obvious interest in you.
    b. his/her looks: teeth, hair, clothes. First impression is everything.
    c. his/her asking you out – that takes guts.

    5. The first date just ended and it went well. You go in for the first kiss. It’s a horrible. You think:
    a. This sucks, but he/she is cute and nice. Good kissing skills can be taught with practice.
    b. First kiss and last kiss – goodbye.
    c. It’s totally fine – kissing isn’t the only important and valuable skill.

    6. You’ve been single for quite awhile. Reason being?
    a. Simple – you hate people.
    b. The perfect person is out there somewhere and you won’t settle for anything less.
    c. You just haven’t found the right person yet. It’ll happen when you least expect it and you are going to have a lot fun while you wait.


    Mostly A’s
    Not picky at all. You are accepting and open to anything. You have no “type” and probably have some fun stories from the past.

    Mostly B’s
    Too picky!! How are you ever going to find someone? You need to learn to be more accepting or you may be waiting an awfully long time to find that “perfect” someone.

    Mostly C’s
    You are pretty accepting, usually. You have your standards and wouldn’t like to change them all that much, unless you meet an exception.

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