Rave: Black Tap milkshakes

Amanda Perelli

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What’s the best way to make your Instagram followers jealous? Posting a million pictures of you and your significant other could work, but an even better solution that won’t annoy anyone is with delicious eye-catching food.

Crazy, over-the-top milkshakes are taking Instagram by storm. In particular, the drinks at Black Tap, a gourmet burger and beer joint, are shaking up New York City’s SoHo area. These milkshakes are not like your average Friendly’s strawberry and chocolate ones; They are decorated to impress.

The flavors range from cotton candy and brownie to birthday cake. Each milkshake is topped with something that incorporates its flavor. Actual sticks of cotton candy, pretzels and full-sized lollipops are used to decorate the shakes.

To give you an idea of how outrageous these are, the birthday cake flavor is topped with an actual slice of cake, and the cookie shake contains an ice cream sandwich and cookie on top. They can easily be shared with friends or, as I would do, you can take on the challenge of finishing your own.

Costing $15, the wait for one of these beauties is known to be roughly two to three hours. To some, a wait that long can seem absurd, but if you are anything like me, food, and more specifically dessert, is very important and definitely worth the wait.

So if you are in SoHo and you have a few extra hours, hop in Black Tap’s line and grab one of these delicious treats. –A. Perelli