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    Are you obsessed with excercise?

    Can there be too much of a good thing? In certain cases, absolutely. Exercise is usually thought of as a healthy habit to incorporate into daily life. But some people blur the line between what is healthy and what is dangerous.

    Everyone knows that exercise makes you feel good, helps fight diseases, strengthens the muscles and helps burn some stress. But, it can also wear you down and harm your health.

    Take this quiz to see if exercise is negatively affecting your life.

    1.You wake up early on a Saturday morning after a crazy night with friends. The plan of the day consists of:
    a. Wake up early? You mean rolling out of bed and going to breakfast at 2PM.
    b. Going right to the gym for a few hours (knowing it won’t be too crowded) to burn off all of what you consumed the previous night.
    c. Get up, eat breakfast and go to the gym for a half hour to get energized for the night.

    2.After ordering Primo with roommates at 8 o’clock you:
    a. Are still hungry, find another snack and get a comfy spot on the futon and watch TV
    b. Feel guilty and go the gym for an hour or two to work off those calories
    c. Feel a bit bad, vow to eat better tomorrow and start some homework

    3. Its finals week and you have two big exams tomorrow. What is your top priority?
    a. Finding a good spot in the library and staying there all night (its now open 24 hours!)
    b. Hitting the gym for an intense workout (it’s a good way to relieve stress you can always study later tonight)
    c. Grabing some fruit and telling yourself you’ll start studying in 15 minutes.

    4. Campus is dead this weekend and you are bored. What do you do?
    a. Sleep.and then sleep some more.
    b. Feel happy about going to the gym to pass a few hours.
    c. Go around town for the day with friends.

    5. Your ideal exercise of the week is:
    a. Walking to class
    b. A few hours each day at gym, fitness classes and weights.
    c. Going to the gym with your roommates a few times a week to work out.

    Mostly A’s- Do you Exercise?
    You don’t seem to like or do exercise. Recommended amount of exercise is 20-30 minutes a day. Get up and move a bit! Find something you like to do on campus: an intramural sport, tennis, fitness class or running.

    Mostly B’s -Compulsive Exercise
    You may be a tad bit obsessed with the gym. Take a break and find something else to do for fun. Working out more than once a day may actually seem appealing to you. Compulsive exercise is a serious issue- get help if you are struggling.

    Mostly C’s-Healthy Exercise
    You exercise often but aren’t obsessed. A’s and B’s could learn a bit from you!

    Call:1-800-231-3438 for more information about eating and exercise disorders.

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