Suspected drug dealer found on campus

Dana Owen

Despite recently increased security measures on campus, a suspected drug dealer with nearly $1,000 in cash was escorted off campus last Monday after he was thought to have been soliciting drugs in Ledges according to Quinnipiac Security.

The man, who had been staying with residents in Phillip Troup Hall, allegedly offered women in Ledges approximately $500 to stay in their dorm room overnight. Security then notified and involved the Hamden Police Department.

Since the man, who was described as a 29-year-old Hispanic or Latino with a shaved head from Washington Heights, NY, was not in possession of narcotics, Hamden Police declined an arrest. It was an action that security felt to be unwise.

“The police just didn’t want to hear it,” said John Twining, Chief of Security.

He was instead issued a Field of Interrogation Report meaning that if he reappeared on campus he is eligible to be arrested for criminal trespass. The suspect was then escorted off campus where authorities say he told them that he was going to the train station. He was allowed to keep what Twining said was “just shy of $1000” found in his possession.

Security would not release the name or photo of the man but said that he was refused at least once at the main entrance of the campus. He was then dropped off at which point Quinnipiac authorities believe he walked through woods on to campus.

Individuals who may have had interaction with this man during the course of May Weekend are asked to contact Investigator Harry Needham at Quinnipiac security extension 8782.