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    Hot off the Press

    Thank you to all my loyal readers who kept me writing, and to those who inspired me with various topics. I dedicate this last piece to my family, best friends and boyfriend. Without you, there would be no column.

    Once Upon a Time

    Maybe some of you, like me, are graduating in a few weeks and facing being apart from a relationship you’re currently in. Maybe you’re moving closer to your partner for the summer, or for good. Maybe you just got out of a relationship and are learning to be single again, are starting out with someone new,or maybe you’re doing your own thing; hooking up and dating around, until you find someone worth sharing your time. Whatever your situation, you have a saga to share, even if it’s no fairy tale at the moment.

    Most importantly, whoever you are, you have a heart. So don’t hesitate for a single second to use it.

    Love. Love how you feel, where you’ve come from, where you’re going, and who you encounter as you get there. Most importantly, love who you are when you’re with that special someone.

    Take on new experiences with open arms; A potential date, a new friend, a food, or an activity. If it doesn’t work out, you can always have piece of mind for trying.

    You will never meet all the people in this world, but the ones you do will impact your life no matter what. Let the good ones in, allow the best ones to stay.

    There is someone for everyone. Don’t rush. Have faith that you will get there when it’s time. If you’ve found someone, cherish that. If you’re looking, be patient. Things happen when you least expect it.

    As I venture off with my own love life, I leave you with this: relationships are not about what you see in the movies or read in some storybook romance with fancy dinners and lavish gifts. Because for real love, you don’t have to get dressed up.

    It’s about finding that, dare I say, soul mate, that you can be your ‘I better not run into anyone today looking like this’ self with. Who you can strip your layers in front of, down to your very core, and feel safe. It’s about the person who can make you laugh until tears fall, and who can wipe them away when they do. It’s about finding a true companion with whom you can live each day with, through good, bad, and compromise. The one who holds the key to your heart.

    The best relationships are the ones without a rule book, ulterior motives, games or plans. They exist upon the sheer purpose of living life to its fullest, appreciating the beauty in imperfection and spontaneity, and celebrating differences. It’s about two people who fit like pieces of a puzzle, and no matter where they are or how they find each other, they are the only two that can ever go together just right. Ultimately, it’s finding the one you want to rent movies with, take long walks with and sit beside for all the days of your life. I wish you a happily ever after.

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