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    Facilities: parking not a problem on campus

    Despite ongoing concerns regarding parking at Quinnipiac, the university alleges that there is not a problem. Students have the power to rectify the parking situation simply by changing the way they schedule their classes.

    Annually, Joseph Rubertone, the Associate Vice President for Facilities Administration surveys Hogan lot to record the number of open spaces every hour for an entire week. This survey is done during the fall semester because that is when there aren’t many parking spots. This survey assumes North lot, which holds approximately 751 cars, has reached capacity.

    The week of Sept. 12 showed the only time the 315-spaced Hogan lot had no spaces available was on Thursday from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

    The Hogan Rd. survey also showed few spaces available on Mondays between 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. and fewer spaces available during the aforementioned time period on Tuesdays. Any other time of day there is upwards of 100 spots available, with Wednesday and Friday having the most open spaces.

    “The parking spot may not be in your ideal location, but most of the time there are spots,” Rubertone said.

    So what can this parking pattern be attributed to?

    “If there were fewer classes offered at particular times on Tuesday, Thursday then parking wouldn’t be an issue,” Rubertone said.

    According to Registrar, Dorothy Lauria, the highest number of students registered in courses happens to be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. which coincides with the fact there are hardly any spots available during that time period.

    So then you are probably wondering why the university doesn’t take the logical step in scheduling fewer courses at peak times.

    “It isn’t that easy,” said Lauria.

    The Registrar does not schedule when a particular class is available. Each school applies for general academic spaces, as oppose to a dedicated space which would be a biology lab or mass communication room. When applying, each school must adhere to the timeslot grid listed in the course bulletin. The registrar simply double checks their requests.

    “Each school offers courses based on student interest and faculty availability”, said Lauria, which is why some days and times are more popular than others.

    Rubertone said that Quinnipiac added approximately 100 spaces in Westwood lot, which is also open to resident students.

    “Now all students living on campus can be accommodated,” Rubertone said.

    Despite accommodations for resident students, commuters are often the students who have trouble finding spaces.

    Until more students and faculty are willing to attend classes early in the mornings or on Fridays, the parking crunch during particular times throughout the day will continue, Rubertone said

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