Stroke 9 to bring rock, possibly cabaret to weekend QU show

Michael McKenna

Talking on his cell phone while driving behind a school bus in his native San Francisco, Luke Esterkyn of the pop-rock band Stroke 9 proposed sunny California should impose a “hands-free law” of its own. “I think that’s a good idea, although annoying,” Esterkyn said. “They should have that everywhere.”

Esterkyn and his band will have the opportunity to abide by the law when they come to Quinnipiac on Friday for a show sponsored by SPB.

The lead singer said the band is excited to be back in New England, although he is not quite sure where exactly Quinnipiac is. “I think I have heard of it before,” he said, “Or maybe I’m thinking of Queequeg from Moby Dick.”

Melvilleisms aside, the band has enjoyed a successful string of college shows and played smaller venues in support of their 2004 album, “All In” as well as an original collection of acoustic favorites released back in February of this year called “Caf