Wreck: Naughty Bobcats on social media

Madison Fraitag

Dear creepy and/or naughty Bobcats,

I have some questions. First the Snapchat account @Bobcatsafterdrk, now on Twitter
@qu_nudes? Why is it so difficult for you to keep your clothes on? I understand the dorm rooms are hot but nudity, especially widely broadcasted nudity, seems far from necessary.

One can’t even make the accusation that these accounts are misogynistic and male-run because females are obviously contributing to them and willingly exploiting their bodies.

Some questions for those submitting nude photos: Are you that desperate? Is this an attention thing? I promise you that stripping down for literally thousands of people to see is neither the only nor the best way to get attention on campus.

Additionally, do you even care about what could happen if your identity is revealed? Is your 15 minutes of fame, and very negative fame at that, really that important?

Another unanswered question; why won’t those posting this explicit content give up? Both accounts have now been shut down, but not even a full day after @Bobcatsafterdrk was removed, two more similar accounts appeared.

Also, how did you find me? I was followed by @qu_nudes, but I do not have any affiliation with Quinnipiac listed on my social media. This makes me wonder; does someone I know personally run this account?


An uncomfortable Bobcat. –M. Fraitag