Rave: Cinemark theater provides great atmosphere

Sarah Doiron

I have never been a fan of going to the movies, but the new Cinemark Theatres in North Haven changed that.

Last week I went with my suitemates to check it out and see the movie “The Visit.” I had never been to Rave Motion Pictures–the theater that was there before Cinemark bought it out in late July. But I did notice that the movie theater I go to at home has some major differences.

At the movie theater I go to at home, I have to pay full price for tickets, which is around $12, to see a movie at night. When I walked into Cinemark and went to buy my ticket, I was shocked to see a student price of $7.75. All I had to do was show them my Qcard. None of the movie theaters I have ever been to had student discounts so it was nice to see that Cinemark catered to students who want to go see a movie with their friends.

Another thing I loved? The reclining chairs. At Showcase Cinemas the chairs weren’t uncomfortable, but the fact I could put my feet up at Cinemark and enjoy the movie made me feel really happy. The leather seats were extremely comfortable. So comfortable the guy next to me fell asleep 15 minutes into the movie.

I highly recommend students take some time to see a movie at Cinemark. The North Haven shuttle stops at the Barnes & Noble next to the theater, so it is accessible to anyone at Quinnipiac. I enjoyed the experience and I have no doubt many other students will too.