Midday freshman SGA elections are in

Julia Perkins

The Student Government Association posted the midday results for the freshman elections. Cameron Burbank leads in the presidential race with 148 votes, with Baily Hersh trailing behind with 123 votes.


Cameron Burbank-148 votes

Baily Hersh-123 votes

Joseph Iasso-88 votes

Logan O’Malley-71 votes

Kimberly Ellsworth-43 votes

Rebecca Hassel-26 votes

Joanna Sayed Ahmed-18 votes

Nisha Gandhi-15 votes

Kaitlyn Murphy-14 votes


Vice President

Victoria Johnson-157 votes

Allison Kuhn-96 votes

Ryan Hicks-94 votes

Jacqueline Schmedel-76 votes

Ashley Priante-50 votes

Megan Moyse-46 votes

Abstain-32 votes

Tyler Culp-21 votes


Class representative

Baily Hersh-267 votes

Cameron Burbank 250 votes

Joseph Iasso-210 votes

Victoria Johnson-191 votes

Ryan Hicks-182 votes

Logan O’Malley-178 votes

M.J. Baird-162 votes

Allison Kuhn-151 votes

Cara Straus-142 votes

Rebecca Hassel-137 votes

Jacqueline Schmedel-132 votes

Kimberly Ellsworth-126 votes

Makala Holman-105 votes

Alice Kim-105 votes

Sokaina Asar-102 votes

Tyler Culp-97 votes

Ashley Priante-94 votes

Megan Moyse-92 votes

Nisha Gandhi-91 votes

Ashley Boscarino-91 votes

Kaitlyn Murphy-87 votes

Joanna Sayed Ahmed-84 votes

Rena Katsev-76 votes

Michelle Kalin-76 votes

Elizabeth Mattera-72 votes

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Final results will be posted after the polls close on DoYouQU at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Stay with The Chronicle for updates about the election.