Album Review: Charles Kelley- “2 the 9’s”

Michelle Collins

Charles Kelley’s debut album, “2 the 9’s” is out now, but beware: he sounds just like every other male singer.

If you like John Mayer, Jack Johnson, or even Charles’ older brother, Josh, you will probably like “2 the 9’s.” However, if you already own at least one of these other artists’ albums, do not waste your money; you would just be buying the same CD.

Some of the tracks on Kelley’s debut album are fine, such as “Cross Your Mind” and “Somebody True,” both beautiful tunes with strong, soothing vocals. However, in “What a Day,” Kelley apparently forgets what key he is supposed to be singing in, sounding like a pubescent teenager with each “whoa” he forces out of his lungs. The opener, “Lucky Ones,” will probably make you wonder why this review is criticizing Kelley for his weak vocals and clich