Seniors faced with difficult post-graduation decisions

Sarah Sztuk

Even though the semester has just begun there are many students who are already thinking about what they are going to do when the semester ends.

While many of theses students are thinking about traveling, and seeing their friends and families back home, there are some students who have a lot more on their minds: seniors who will be graduating in May.

For many seniors, this is the time of year when the pressure is on to think about what they are going to do once they graduate.

Where to live after graduation is one question that seniors must face.

Senior, Communications major, Melissa Trebbe, has known where she wants to move for years now.

“I have had plans since high school to move into a town right outside New York City with my best friend,” she said. “After graduation I will move back with my family in New Jersey while I look around at apartments. It is going to be really exciting to choose exactly where I want to live in what town and what style I want, not to mention how much fun it is going to be to decorate.”

Other students will not be going far from home.

“After I graduate I am going to go to graduate school in my home state of Maine,” said one senior. “I love Maine, and I want to live there when I’m older.”

Some students will determine where they are going to live by the jobs they will accept or the graduate schools they will attend.

“I hope to find a job in New York City. I’m a little behind on looking for a job,” said Trebbe, “I’ve been trying not to think about going into the real world, but now I’ve started to look around and send my r