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Amp up your closet with apps


Do you ever get sick of your old clothes and want to get rid of them? How about having so many clothes that you never wear all of them or even remember what’s in your closet?

If this is you, there are many apps you can download to help you with your shopping endeavors. Most of these apps have websites as well.

The first app is called Vinted, where fellow Vinties–yes, “Vinties,” or style-savvy people–can sell women’s clothes. The process is very simple; users take pictures and include brief descriptions of the items they wish to sell. Once something is sold, the earnings are transferred to your bank account. The Vinted app is only compatible with certain Apple products.

All of the clothing is pre-worn, but Vinted seems to have a good reputation with users.

“I am obsessed with this Vinted app. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be selling my entire wardrobe,” @ken_z_quinn, a fan and user, said online.

Similar to Vinted, another consignment app compatible with the iPhone is Poshmark. Users can easily buy and sell women’s clothes based on their fashion needs. Like Vinted, items are added each day–that, yes, have been worn–but worn gently and with love and care.

Poshmark also gives you outfit ideas if you’re stuck and going to a big event where it is crucial to look nice. Oh, and get this: buyers can find brands like Michael Kors, UGG and Louis Vuitton for discounted prices they would never find at department stores.

There are also several shopping apps that can be used by both genders.

MySaleSpy, a website and app for your iPhone, can save you money while shopping online. If you see a pair of shoes, a shirt or any other item that just isn’t quite the price you’d like it to be, simply hit the “spy” button and the app will notify you when the price drops on all online stores with that item. MySaleSpy can be used for any sort of product, not just clothes. Doing this will save you money and time because you won’t have to track down price changes from other websites for yourself.

The next app, Closet+, allows you to plan ahead for things to wear by storing photos of everything in your closet. You can then categorize your clothes with tags like “color” or “in need of dry cleaning” to separate them. The app also allows those to track when outfits were last worn. You wouldn’t want to re-wear, would you?

Closet+ also lets you create a packing list for vacations or business trips. An added perk: you can do it on the go, instead of needing to be home digging through your closet to plan. This is the ultimate fashion app for people that crave organization and efficiency.

RackItUp is also an interesting app because not only can you organize clothes but also sports equipment such as snowboards, water skis, fishing rods or bikes.

The last app on this list, RetailMeNot, is a coupons app that will save you money at your favorite stores and restaurants. Their motto is: “We’re Out to Save the World (Some Money),” and that is exactly what they do best. Alerts can be sent to your phone to notify you when deals are nearby.

You can use the app at stores like Kohl’s, Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Coupons are also verified daily so you don’t ever get stuck in the embarrassing situation of being caught with a fraudulent coupon.

Overall, these apps are easy to use and very helpful if you like being organized and want to shop a bit smarter. If you want to update your summer wardrobe this year, try out some of these apps to save money and time.

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