Housing selection process revamped

Sarah Doiron

By Sarah Doiron and Tara O’Neill

The beginning of the fall 2015 semester brings new changes to the on-campus housing selection process.

One of the biggest changes is that juniors may be forced to live in a limited number of rooms in the Hill residence halls if those in Crescent and Westview on the York Hill campus are full, according to an email from the Associate Director of Residential Life Melissa Karipidis.

Sophomore Mike Tullo said he and his roommates have already discussed the possibility of living in Hill on main campus.

“My roommates actually talked about this, we are perfectly fine for Hill,” Tullo said. “I would love to stay on main campus and Hill is one of the nicest suites you can get. [The] only downside is we wouldn’t be with most of our class, but we all have cars to get on York if we wanted.”

There are also changes being made for freshmen choosing sophomore housing.

Any current freshmen planning to select a room in Hill or Village on main campus will choose housing on April 13, Karipidis wrote in the email. Once the housing for Hill and Village are full, the housing selection will be over for that day. That being said, if there are students who did not select a room will have to change the size of their group and will participate in another room selection the next day.

The freshmen students who have to participate in a second round of the housing selection will have their new selection information by 5 p.m. on April 13. If students need additional roommates, there will be a roommate social from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in SB 109 on April 13.

The selection process that will take place on April 14 will be for rooms of eight students. Again, if students are unable to get a room, there will need to change their group of roommates from eight to six people. There will be another roommate social on April 14 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in SC 119.

If students cannot make it to one of the roommate socials, there will be a book for students to utilize in the Office of Residential Life on main campus with a list of groups looking for individuals or individuals looking to join a group.

Students have also been utilizing the Quinnipiac Facebook groups to find people who are looking for roommates. Mike Tullo is a current sophomore that posted in the Quinnipiac Class of 2017 Facebook group in an attempt to fill his roommate group.

“Sorry for [the] last minute, but me and two other guys are looking for [three] other people to live with on York,” Tullo wrote in a post to the group.

He said he chose to post in the group instead of attending a roommate social.

“I would rather just [post] on Facebook just because it’s easier and I feel the roommate social could be very awkward for some people,” Tullo said.

Karipidis also mentioned that selection numbers for housing are not transferrable to other students in the email.

Any students who are not part of a group of roommates and do not find a group throughout the housing selection process will not be allowed to choose specific housing. These students will be placed in available spaces once the housing process has been completed.

Students who are currently studying abroad have received an alternate link to access their housing information, according to Karipidis’ email. But students who will be studying abroad during the fall 2015 semester will not be able to leave an empty bed for them to return to for the spring 2016 semester.

Those students studying abroad will be contacted toward the end of the fall 2015 semester to confirm whether or not they will return to campus for housing during the spring 2016 semester. If those student choose to return, they will be assigned at that time.

Current sophomore Toni Santillo will be studying abroad in Ireland during the fall 2015 semester. She said one downside to studying abroad will be not being able to choose who she will room with during the spring 2016 semester.

“It just sucks that I won’t be rooming with [my friends] next year during the spring because I’ll be abroad in the fall,” Santillo said.

In order to make the housing process as smooth as possible, students should “create a back-up plan” in case your first choice of housing is not available at your selection time, Karipidis suggested in her email.

Once housing has been submitted, changes cannot be made until the completion of the room selection process. This means that once a room is selected and the individuals are placed into specific bedrooms and assigned to specific beds, they cannot go back into the system and change things.