Memo to Quinnipiac: Give us more time off!

Dana Owen

These last two weeks of the semester are a pain for nearly every student at Quinnipiac no matter the major. On top of professors cramming in everything they forgot to cover before Thanksgiving, students have finals to look forward to just when they are beginning to catch their breath. Although Thanksgiving break is welcomed semester repose and usually comes just in time for students who are at their wits end with classes and are just starting to come down with some sort of illness, it is merely a tease. It is a carrot dangled on a string before us that says “Hah. You think you’re off the hook? Think again. You still have three more weeks to go.”

Why put us through this torture? Why not shorten Thanksgiving break or have students come back earlier in January to start the new semester so that we can have these last few weeks off? No matter the religion most major holidays fall during this time of year and we’re missing out on the best part: being with family, shopping, baking, decorating, and enjoying the season at home with no visions of finals dancing in our heads.

All I’m saying is that rather than tantalizing students with scent of relaxation and happiness, maybe we can rearrange some things so that the holiday season can be spent as it should be, at home.