Wreck: North Lot shuttle is a waste

Julia Perkins

I’m standing by the shuttle stop in South Lot on Mount Carmel, shivering despite my winter coat, hat, gloves and scarf. All I want is to be on the warmth of the shuttle, when I see one of the small busses pulling onto campus. Hope spurts through me. Could this shuttle be my savior from the cold and take me up to York Hill?

But as the bus draws nearer, I notice the piece of paper on the bottom of the door reads “North Lot.” I scowl as this empty shuttle pulls up and the driver opens the door. Everyone at the stop stares numbly at it. No one gets on the North Lot shuttle because, after all, why would one walk to South Lot just to wait in the cold for a shuttle to take them to the other side of campus? After a couple minutes the shuttle drives away, still empty.

It is extremely frustrating to watch an empty shuttle make rounds back and forth from North to South Lot. This is a waste of money and gas. There is no reason to pay someone to drive an unnecessary shuttle. Nor is there a reason to emit extra greenhouse gasses into the environment because students cannot walk across campus.

I understand it isn’t fun to walk to and from the outskirts of North Lot or Hogan Lot. But in my more than two and a half years at Quinnipiac, I have probably seen less than five students use the North Lot shuttle. Instead, the university should eliminate this shuttle and have it run from main campus to York Hill. Then at least the shuttle could come to some use.