The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Shuttle Fire Comic

Ossama Awan

September 30, 2016


Wreck: shuttles don’t stop a Dunkin’

Alexa Orban

October 15, 2014

If freshman want a good cup of coffee they have to rely on shuttles to take them to Starbucks. Shuttles don’t stop at Dunkin Donuts, even though there are two of them that are closer than Starbucks. Both Dunkin locations ev...

Keepin’ it green

Sara Kozlowski

April 23, 2014

In a Gallup poll released in March, 50 percent of those surveyed said the environment in the United States is getting worse as a whole. What better day to fix this problem than today? Below are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day an...

Missing out on Easter

Julia Perkins

April 5, 2014

Unlike students at other colleges, Quinnipiac students are lucky enough to have Good Friday off from classes. This allows some students to go home for the weekend to celebrate Easter with their family. However, expensive train and bus ticke...

TransLoc app now available

Julia Perkins

February 26, 2014

The TransLoc app, which allows students to track shuttles, is now available in the app store. Public Safety has been working on this app since September. Students can also go to to see the map, which labels...