New app to replace WebAdvisor

Nicole Hanson

The fall 2015 semester will bring new classes, new students and a new WebAdvisor application, according to technology services.

The university has utilized WebAdvisor for 12 years, Executive Director of Technology Services Matt Romeo said. However, technology services realized this semester that the system may not be enough to support the amount of traffic it gets.

Romeo said WebAdvisor will soon be replaced with Student Planning, which is the next version of how students access Colleague. Student Planning will allow for easier registration and course planning.

“That’s new code, new and improved hardware behind it,” he said. “It’s just another way we plan to deliver better performance to students.”

On the first day of the semester, 80 to 90 percent of students trying to use WebAdvisor were unable to access the site between 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., Romeo said.

During this period of critical load, Romeo said technology services turned off the mobile WebAdvisor app called EllucianGo. Romeo said he has been working with Ellucian to get a new version of the mobile app running and has seen improvements.

In order to combat future issues with the app on high traffic days, Romeo said his department aims to give WebAdvisor “more horsepower.”

“We will look at the course enrollment size [when] the semester starts and we’ll get a plan for the access depending how many students will be in class and we will throw more firepower at it” he said.

WebAdvisor is the student entry point to an application called Colleague which keeps track of virtually everything on campus, such as class registration, residence hall assignments and even payroll for faculty and staff.

Student Planning might be launched by the start of the fall semester, but if not it will be out at some point during fall 2015.

Romeo said he is glad members of the Quinnipiac community continue to work with WebAdvisor, despite the recent issues with it.

“We’re happy with the amount of faith students and faculty have given us with real time data,” Romeo said. “We really strive to give students the best experience possible.”