Former TKE member suing university for suspension

Staff Reports

A former Tau Kappa Epsilon member is suing the university after being suspended last semester on the charges of alleged hazing, according to The Record-Journal of Meriden.

Sophomore John Demoulas will appear in court on  Monday, according to his lawyer.

The university shut down its Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter due to hazing allegations last December. The university expelled one member of the fraternity and suspended two others, one being Demoulas.

Demoulas said the university did not provide a fair hearing and suspended him for the spring semester without justification. He is also suing four university employees: Executive Vice President and Provost Mark Thompson, Director of Student Conduct Megan Buda, Associate Dean of Student Affairs Seann Kalagher and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Monique Drucker.

Demoulas seeks monetary damages as well as an injunction that would allow him to attend the university again for the spring semester, according to the lawsuit.

“The most important thing for us is to try and get John back into school so he can continue his education uninterrupted,” Attorney for Demoulas Michael Lynch said to the Meriden MyRecordJournal. “We are seeking a temporary injunction that would allow him to go back to school while this matter gets sorted out.”

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CORRECTION: This article was corrected on Saturday, Jan. 31 to reflect that Demoulas will first appear in court on Monday. He did not appear in court on Friday, as originally stated in the article.