First Amendment adorns wall in School of Communications

Julie Hargreaves

The School of Communications recently upgraded its appearance to display the First Amendment and the recipients of Quinnipiac University’s Fred Friendly Award, a prestigious award for journalists who have shown courage and forthrightness in preserving the rights set forth in the First Amendment.

Former CBS News president, Fred Friendly, is known for being a champion of freedom of speech, Edward R. Murrow’s partner, and a wonderful teacher. Members of the Quinnipiac community and visitors can read the entire First Amendment imprinted above the Fred Friendly Award plaque and view pictures of the recipients of the award in the School of Communications lobby.

In order to draw more attention to the Fred Friendly Award, Dean Donnelly and other associates of the School of Communications decided to showcase the First Amendment and the actual award that is given out annually in New York City.

“I want students to know why we give the Fred Friendly Award,” Dean of the School of Communications, David Donnelly, said. “The First Amendment is something that people cannot take for granted. There have been many struggles over the First Amendment and pressures on the media. Freedom of speech and the press are important rights that we need to protect. Media can have a powerful impact on society and we want QU students to have a positive impact on society.”

Students and faculty are supportive of the recent additions in the School of Communications.

The Fred Friendly Award recipients are inspirational role models to communications students. Some of the past recipients of the award are Tom Brokaw, Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings and Christiane Amanpour. The School of Communications also has a Fred Friendly Professor Award. Former New York City Radio News Director, Louis C. Adler was named the Fred Friendly Professor of Broadcast Journalism.

Quinnipiac University has given away the Fred Friendly Award 13 times. Although Fred Friendly has passed away, his wife Ruth is supportive of the award given in memory of her husband.

The School of Communications lobby additions are in conjunction with the new film, Goodnight and Good Luck. George Clooney plays Fred Friendly in the film which is in theaters now.