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    Goatboy Soaps a unique way of getting clean

    Goatboy Soaps started in Lisa Agee’s kitchen four years ago. Her son Bobby had numerous allergies, including one to cow’s milk. When he was able to tolerate goat milk, he quickly became obsessed with goats.

    “When Bobby becomes obsessed with something, there is no stopping him,” Agee said.

    Goat soap is a naturally-made soap, specifically from goat milk. It helps with skin allergies and makes skin very soft. In comparison to other soaps, which are usually made from animal fat or vegetable oil, goat soap is all natural and reserves the glycerin, which other soap companies take out.

    After Bobby asked his parents for goats, they told him he could have some if he read a veterinarian manual and worked on a goat form. Bobby agreed to his parents request and worked on a goat farm in upstate New York, which he loved. After that, Bobby became known as Goatboy.

    The goat farm then gave the Agee family two goats; twin sisters. Soon after, Agee used a bar of goat milk soap and loved what it did for her skin. She decided to make a batch of soap in her kitchen and gave it away to friends. Her friends quickly spread the word about how wonderful goat soap is for the skin.

    For the next two years, Agee ran her business out of her kitchen, selling it on the weekends at fairs. Rick Agee, Lisa’s husband, decided to quit his job to devote his time to the family business. Their other son Ryan drew a logo, and the name Goatboy stuck.

    “Goatboy is a name you will always remember,” Agee said.

    The Agee’s now run their entire business from their basement and own six goats, three males and three females.

    The entire soap-making process takes one day. They start in the morning milking the goats, adding natural ingredients including Shea butter, olive oil for moisture, and coconut oil for lather. Goatboy Soaps has over 30 fragrances, made from essential oils, which include: Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, Unscented, and their best seller Red Clover,

    “Men are my best clients,” Agee said. “They love what it does for their skin.”

    They still sell at fairs on the weekends, but rely heavily on word-of-mouth, and their Web site: Recently Whole Foods began selling it in their stores. They sell at four or five stores in the Northeast region.

    “[At fairs] we use the drug dealers approach,” Agee said. If they see someone who has skin allergies, such as eczema, they give them a bar of their Unscented goat soap.

    “They get hooked,” Agee said.

    Goatboy Soaps sell their bars for $5 per bar. They also make hand and body lotion and lip balm.

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