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    Australian Kai Brown debuts songwriting talents in US

    Music’s most recent newcomer has made his way from the land down under to make a name for himself here in the States. Australian born Kai Brown took the first step in making his musical dreams come true when he said goodbye to the Sydney music scene, moving to the States with stars in his eyes.

    Brown’s full-length debut, “Better Now,” was released this summer from How Now Brown Cow records, and The Chronicle gave the singer/songwriter a call to see how life with a new album and multi-city tour was treating him.

    Making the move to Dallas early this year, the Sydney native has since settled in San Diego, and says the American music scene seems to be the right fit.

    “It’s been a crazy transition, but such an adventure,” Brown says of his recent journey. “I was in a band in Sydney and I’d been writing a bunch of songs. I was looking for a producer in Australia, but just couldn’t find anyone who understood what I wanted to do.”

    That was March. Four months after hooking up with music producer and writer Cary Pierce, Brown’s debut appeared on store shelves. Developing a working relationship was easy for Brown, who first caught word of his collaborator’s work when checking out Graham Colton’s material, also produced by Pierce, online.

    “There’s a ton of different producers out there, but I’m more interested in working with people who get what my vision is and what I want to do, it doesn’t have to really have a name connected to it,” Brown said.

    Although he’s not one to name drop, Brown fondly remembers his time recording with platinum selling rockers Vertical Horizon, who, the performer says, are not only accomplished musicians, but “such nice people.” With the support of such acts, as well as his new producing partner, Brown penned the disc’s ten tracks and couldn’t be happier with the results, eagerly reporting that the release lived up to his expectations.

    “I really wanted a rock record that had a strong melody that people could grab onto. I didn’t want it to be, and I’m sort of happy it’s not, a dance-pop [record],” he says. “I wanted something with good lyrics that people could relate to.”

    While always interested in music, songwriting was a pursuit the artist stumbled upon out of necessity.

    “I began to realize pretty quickly that if you play in a band, you’re going to need songs,” he quips, adding that writing songs that connect with his audience is a consistent and challenging process, but one that he readily welcomes.

    Although the performer relishes his time in the recording studio, touring allows him to fulfill a decade long dream. “I always wanted to tour in America. The [music] scene is so vibrant and people are so interested in new [talent]. I find it really refreshing,” he affirms. Having completed a string of west coast dates, Brown plans to bring his stage show to New York in early December.

    “When [I] get on stage and people actually know the lyrics and are singing along, it’s such a great feeling. I really like to get people involved and not feel like I’m just the singer, they’re [just] the audience,” he says. “The songs begin in the studio, but they’re delivered live, so you have to be good at both. Performing live is the [icing] on the cake.”

    For more information on this rising new artist, check out his Web site at His debut disc is currently available at all Best Buy locations

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