College is a means to an end

Jess Sweeney

I looked around the room in one of my classes the other day and less than five percent of the class was paying attention. I saw games, Facebook, Buzzfeed, work for other classes and Twitter open on my classmates’ computers. I’m not going to lie, I’m guilty of this every once in a while too — we all are.


I know I came to college to get a degree, to get a good job and start my life. I’m pretty sure most of you are here for that reason too, or at least I’d hope so. College is a means to an end, and I think all of us are guilty of forgetting why we’re here. We pay $55,160 to attend this school, and not paying attention in class or skipping it altogether, is not helping us in any way.


Being on a college campus, it’s only normal to go out on the weekends and have fun with your friends. No one wants to look back on their college experience and regret not having fun or making those lifelong friends everyone on a college campus talk about. However, it’s probably not a good idea to go out four times a week.


I hear of people all the time going out Wednesday through Saturday night. If that’s what you want out of college, then go right ahead, no one’s stopping you. I’m just saying, are you going to look back in five or 10 years and wish you had stayed in to study because you don’t feel prepared for your job? Are you going to wish you cared more about your classes so you had the job you wanted when you graduate?


Instead of going out so many times in one week, it might be beneficial to get more involved on campus. Not only will it look good on a resume, but you’ll make those friends you want and probably have a much better college experience because you won’t be doing the same thing every week.


I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do or to change their lifestyle, I’m just trying to get people to think. If you just wanted to come to college to meet people and party, maybe you shouldn’t be at a school that costs $55,160 a year to attend. It’s okay to go out and have fun, it’s okay to doze off in class every once in a while, but if it becomes an all the time thing, is attending this school really worth it to your future? Is it worth paying all this money, being in debt for a long time and just being able to say you went out all the time, but don’t remember your classes? Going out is fun, don’t get me wrong. I just think some people tend to forget what the real point of college, and getting a degree is.


Next time you decide to not pay attention in class, or go out when you should be studying for a test, just think about what you want out of college. Remember why you choose this university, and why you decided to get a degree. Maybe then you can get that job you always dreamed of later in life.