Wreck: NFL out of control

Kelly Novak

The NFL has come under fire for how it has handled three different domestic violence disputes involving some of its most successful players, and for good reason.

It all started with Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice when a video of him dragging his unconscious then-fiancée out of a New Jersey elevator surfaced in February. The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell merely suspended Rice for two games.

Even though this small slap on the wrist angered pretty much everyone, Goodell probably didn’t want to lose one of his best players, and neither did the Baltimore Ravens. Only after a second video was released last week of Rice actually punching his current wife did Goodell take this attack seriously.

Goodell did not handle himself well by any means. Now, with the case of Adrian Peterson abusing his son with a wooden stick and Jonathan Dwyer head-butting his wife and breaking her nose, there are more chances in which Goodell could mess up.

Even though all of these players have been suspended indefinitely, the punishment implemented for domestic violence in the future is a six-game suspension. That’s it. I feel any player should be dismissed from the league immediately for any form of domestic violence, no questions asked.

What is in the water at the NFL? Why all of these domestic violence cases and why now?

“I’ve never been okay with domestic violence, whether it be verbally or physically,” senior media studies major Erika Almanzar said. “There’s still work that needs to be done with it, just any form of abuse towards women.”