Utilize the library, Learning Commons

Alec Turner

The lackluster of syllabus week is officially behind us and the Quinnipiac community is starting to get into the grind of classes. Now students are inevitably beginning to panic about grades and hoping they can get a good GPA.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, the Arnold Bernhard Library has been completely empty; the only students in there have been the few college students that actually believe in getting ahead in their courses. Now that the workload is getting greater, students may finally have to start spending some nights at the library.

The library is an awesome place to study. I love the atmosphere that it brings me and it helps focus on my assignments. Everyone in there is looking to do the same thing, which is study hard and get assignments done.

For all students, both freshmen and upperclassmen, the library should be an alliance that you make early on in the semester. It could help you get all your assignments done on time to give your grades that boost to get an exceptional GPA. Also, students might as well get to know a little bit about Arnold Bernhard before finals come around and it is packed to capacity.

My personal favorite part of the library is the Learning Commons. It was how I got through my freshman year and helped me through the stress of midterms and finals. Being able to go to a peer for help is awesome because it gives you someone that can relate to you and bring the information down to the level that you need it.

Some people tend to be intimidated to go into the Learning Commons to be tutored, but the tutors in that building are some of the most intelligent students on this campus and they have the ability to help you get to where you want to be in a subject.

In my instance, I brought my history and English papers to the same tutor for every major assignment, and he helped me edit my paper and go over concepts, which helped me succeed in my courses.

If you are too nervous to go into the Learning Commons, don’t be, the tutors are very welcoming and open to all students.

Whether working alone or as a small group, the library is the absolute best place for finishing classwork. The private study desks are great for me because once I get in the zone I can complete any assignment in that room. The group study rooms are the perfect place to get a group assignment done, and it also can be a great place if you want to go to the library with some friends and talk amongst each other.

Getting my work done in the library and helps me succeed here at school.