York Hill convenience store celebrates opening

Amanda Hoskins

The ribbon has been cut and the official grand opening of the York Hill convenience store took place Friday. The initiative is something the Student Government senior class cabinet was working with Chartwells to add all last year to complete.

Representatives from Chartwells and the senior class cabinet attended the event. Students could pick up a pair of free sunglasses and cake and celebrate the new edition.

“It’s been an initiative of ours for a while,” senior class president Hannah Russell said.

The senior class cabinet came up with the idea after talking to students during their dorm storms and meet and greets.

“There was really just a very noticeable void,” senior class vice president Joe Kohle said. “Apparently in the original plans for when Rocky Top was built there was plans of having the bookstore type thing and for some reason they decided not to do it.”

Kohle says he felt students should have access to the same types of items on the Mount Carmel campus up at the York Hill campus.

“We thought the people on York Hill were kind of being robbed of a necessity that they really needed with some essential things that weren’t here,” Kohle said.

Even if the cafeteria is not serving food, after night classes students can grab quick snacks from the convenience store, Kohle said.

The new convenience store features everything from energy bars and candy bars to shampoos and soaps. However, like the convenience store in the Mount Carmel Bookstore, some things must be purchased through Q-cash. Anything that is edible can be purchased through student meal plans, but all other products require Q-cash.

“They have got a lot of variety and a lot of essential products that could be really useful for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all around,” SGA President Mostafa Elhaggar said.

Junior Shannon Fitz-Simon likes the new addition.

“I actually think it is great,” Fitz-Simon said. “It has a lot of things that people need on campus so it is convenient.”

Kohle said energy bars and granola bars are something a lot of students are purchasing. He believes with the gym right upstairs, it is very convenient.

Elhaggar feels the convenience store is a good example of Chartwells’ willingness to meet the student body’s needs and he is looking forward to seeing how the student body reacts.

“I think this is a representation of how willing Chartwells is to work with us and hear our concerns and give us the best experience they possibly can in terms of dining,” he said.