CKY record leaves more questions than ‘answers’

Lauren Misuraca

“An Answer Can Be Found,” the newest release from alternate metal group CKY, is an honest attempt by the band to improve upon their last album, “Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild.” However, for this particular album, the answer was not found. The group’s popularity among alternate metal music lovers is largely due to the fact that the band’s drummer, Jesse Margera, is the older brother of pro skater Bam Margera, the famed star of his own MTV hit show “Viva La Bam.”

With an always expanding group of fans, CKY was able to bring their music to the mainstream scene, but in the time since their arrival, they have not delivered much. This album comes at a time where, after three long years since their last album, true CKY fans are expecting some great music.

While “Found” has a very melodic tone to it, there are some parts that just do not fit. The album itself becomes very repetitive and although a listener might enjoy the music during the first or second listen, there is the almost expected conclusion that eventually the album will get boring. The rhythm of the first track entitled “Suddenly Tragic” is enough to get any listener absorbed in the song. Its surprising anti-suicide message seems to fall to the back of the mind, but with unnecessary screaming and extremely overdrawn guitar solos, it is enough to make a listener skip ahead to the next song.

The album continues with overly repetitive song lyrics and the sense that one song is no different from the next, except for a few changed words and a change in tempo. By the end of the album, listeners will wonder if they have just heard an entire 11 track album rather than one extremely long song with short breaks in the middle. While this album was a good effort put forth by the band, it does not fulfill the expectations listeners might have, considering the group’s earlier success. In the song “Familiar Realm” the band sings about “break(ing) out and carry(ing) on.” That is exactly what listeners should do, break out and carry on, away from this album.

Give this song a second listen: “Suddenly Tragic.”

Our rating: one-and-a-half stars (out of four)