University celebrates Earth Day

Sarah Doiron

On April 22 the third annual Bobcat Flea Market spread across the Quad from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to celebrate Earth Day.

The event was organized by Laboratory Instructor Kristen Richardson and Instructor of Biomedical Sciences Kristen Wolfe, directors of the QU Sustainability Committee.

Wolfe said students organizations such as the sailing club and hiking club had tables set up and local vendors had displays where they sold sustainably made products.

Proceeds from the Flea Market go toward service projects for QU301 South Africa students, according to MyQ.

Richardson said she hopes more people will become involved with the QU Sustainability Committee after attending the Flea Market.

“We wanted to increase sustainability awareness on campus, and make people aware that [the QU Sustainability Committee] exists,” Richardson said. “We welcome anybody on campus to join and help us become more prevalent in the QU Community.”

Head of the truck division of Sugar Bakery Michael Deponte said he is surprised at the turn out and the Flea Market seems to be “three times the size” as last year.

Deponte said it is important for people of all generations to recycle and protect the environment. He said he always tries to recycle whenever he can.

“We do as much as we can to help the environment [at the bakery] by recycling and using to-go containers that can be easily recycled by our customers,” Deponte said.

Freshman Neal Pyne said this event was a great idea for students to celebrate Earth Day.

“It allows students to remember that they have to respect nature and recycle,” Pyne said.

Jenn Torres from the Animal Embassy was enthusiastic when she said this is not just a flea market, but an “Earth Day celebration.”

“It is a day where we should celebrate our environment and learn about how we can protect it,” Torres said.

Sophomore Kylee Burns said she enjoyed attending the Flea Market and that the university does a great job at promoting sustainability.

“I feel like some schools don’t promote Earth Day and it’s a great reminder for students to remember to recycle and help the environment,” Burns said.

Wolfe said the most important part of this event is for students to remember their actions have consequences and they need to help the environment.

“We have been celebrating [Earth Day] at QU for the past five years now and it is just a way to remind students to live sustainably,” Wolfe said. “It is important for all students to know how to protect the environment and the Flea Market is a fun event promoting that cause.”