Students speak up

Amanda Hoskins

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Thousands of admitted students and families walked our three campuses last weekend. This week we asked current students about their memories and first impressions of the school.

“I remember my cousin used to tell me stories about how beautiful it was, with the quad and stuff. And then, once I walked through the campus for the first time I really got to see it and I really enjoyed it, thought it was beautiful and the nicest campus I have seen so far.” -Derek White, sophomore

“I came in a really bad mood and then I saw the campus and was like, wow this is really nice. So it changed my mind a lot.” -Doug Beebe, freshman

“It really made me want to go here when I came to see it. I originally didn’t want to go here and then my parents made me come to admitted student’s day and that is what made me decide to come here.” -Kelsey Hassett, freshman

“I didn’t really know what it was and then I came to the campus and thought it was very beautiful. Admitted student’s day was a little crowded but it showed a good sense of community.” -Anthony DeCandia, junior