The Candidates’ Goals

Sarah Harris

Student Body President-Mostafa Elhaggar: I got a lot of goals so I wouldn’t be able to say that I have a biggest goal but to be honest, one I want to talk about is May Weekend. I’m not saying that students are allowed to be reckless and do whatever they want because that’s totally unreasonable and I get it. However I think what’s going on right now isn’t working either. I think public safety concern in terms of safety is very valid and I appreciate everything they do in terms of trying to ensure safety especially on a weekend like this. However, by removing programming they have pushed students away from the community, away from Quinnipiac, by crossing roads and going to off-campus housing and being more susceptible to danger that can’t be controlled. If they brought programming back to campus, maybe even have the spring concert on May Weekend, then students would be more inclined on staying on this community and public safety would be able to control this danger in a much better way than they are now.

Vice President for Public Relations-Carly Hviding: My biggest goal for the upcoming year would definitely be to improve the Hamden/Quinnipiac relations and also to make students more comfortable coming to SGA with their concerns.

Vice President for Public Relations-Ryan Miller: The biggest goal for the upcoming year is to enhance not only our relations with Hamden but New Haven. I think that’s huge. I think New Haven is a fantastic city, that we don’t get enough experience besides the Saturday night Toad’s. I think that Quinnipiac wants to be welcomed and excited to go there.

SGA Vice President- Bianca Solano: Developing an appreciation for the students and definitely have their voices heard. Build a sort of committee or board in order to get not only faculty and staff and student government but also the Quinnipiac students and the peers get involved as well, work on this year together and accomplish a lot of new changes for Quinnipiac to better the community.

SGA Vice President- Jonny Atkins: I really want to focus on the weekends. I feel like the weekends have become a problem at our school where we are under this umbrella of toads mentality in the sense where you if feel like you don’t want to go to toads, then you feel like there’s nothing else to do on campus. Some of the goals I have, I’d really like to put a coffee shop on this main campus with a student lounge for people to go to, to be a community place. I want to work on putting up a sports bar or a pub up at York Hill and also one of the biggest things, I feel like we can revive the tradition of may weekend and bring it back in a way that reduces risk and also, ya know, brings back the tradition and pride that we had years back.

Vice President for Finance-Matt Powers: My biggest goal for the upcoming year is to make the financial transaction system for SGA and the funding of students organizations more efficient and more accessible for student organizations.

Vice President for Programming-Danielle Imbriano: My biggest goal for the upcoming year is ensuring that all organizations on campus know how to program and going through all of the steps with them and making sure they’re aware of all the resources that we have on campus and knowing that they can always come to SGA or to me to get those programs running with the ball and just having a great time with it.