News outside the Quinnipiac campus

Amanda Hoskins

Health insurance deadline

Americans had until midnight Monday to sign up for health insurance plans or face financial penalties. But once again the Affordable Healthcare website faced a software glitch in the middle of the day. Two million people visited the site this past weekend alone, according to NBC. As of Friday, six million people have signed up for insurance plans, according to ABC news. Yet questions about the numbers enrolled are still unclear. It is not known how many people actually paid, what the breakdown is between the young and the old and how the following year will be affected by the Affordable Healthcare Act. Experts say it could be years before anyone knows if the Act is successful.


Artillery exchange in Korea

North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire Monday morning after North Korea announced they would be conducting live fire drills, including another possible nuclear test, according to CNN. In return, South Korea fired 300 artillery shells into North Korean waters, forcing those living in South Korea to run to cover. This action concerned Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Hagel told CNN pentagon reporters, “the provocation that the North Koreans have, once again, engaged in is dangerous, and it needs to stop.” According to an expert, North Korea’s steps were dangerous.


Looking ahead with Russia and Ukraine

New actions took place between Russia and the Ukraine in the past few days. After meeting for four hours with his Russian counterpart in Paris on Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States and Russia agree on the need for diplomatic solutions involving the Ukraine, according to CNN. Both agree Ukraine representatives should also be involved in the decision- making process. Sergei Pavlov told Kerry Russia has no intentions of crossing into Ukraine territory. This was made clear Monday when a battalion pulled back from the Ukrainian border, according to CBS news. A U.S. State Department spokeswoman said if the reports were accurate, “it will be a welcome preliminary step.”